Tuesday, October 18, 2011

an open letter to kwanza hall (city councilman for the old fourth ward)

kwanza, or jay, or whoever gets these emails. 
last night my roommate was mugged by my apartment at 380 edgewood ave outside the exxon near that grassy area on edgewood ave. by three young dope boys. this is concerning for a few reasons.

1) it is so clear and obvious that the people who live next to me in the building are selling drugs. they stand outside all hours of the night, cars continually pull up, honk, and have someone come to lean in their window, i have been offered drugs by some of the younger guys who live there...
2) "Brenda's Palace" is a grocery store downstairs in the retail part our building, yet i have never seen anyone buying more then a candy bar. i do, however, see dope boys and hustlers crawling in and out of there all day. they are open at totally random hours and claim to accept WIC, which means they receive government assistance. 
3) similarly, a car wash open a block away is not ever washing any cars, yet stays open with one or two people hanging around the building.  
4) this is suppose to be a historic neighborhood, embodying the cultural and spiritual significance of Dr. King and his teachings. yet, there are no social centers, youth organizations, community programs, or even ambassadors aiding to assist overall safety and encourage growth in the area. 

edgewood ave is a joke. it is either a clear lack of concern due to a low number of relevant campaign donors, or a backdoor facilitation of this addicted street. either way, it is a disgrace. i am wondering what dr. king would think about his legacy in that neighborhood.
 it does not make sense to me that your office would not be aware of this condensed block of bullshit. i want to know why nothing has been done to break up the activity and why your office allows fake businesses to set up all over. when will you bring a store front that is actually useful to the community around? one block away from where the body of Dr. king lies is a shameful food desert saturated with a string of bars and dope boys. 
***included is a photgraph of the very same grassy area my roommate was mugged where not only do all the dope boys converge, they also use as a trash can***

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